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The French-Russian D.M.C. Bolshoi Tourism is an Inbound and Event travel agency, offering services in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Scandinavia, Finland,
the Baltic states, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, and Central Asia since 1991. Our tours are available in 7 languages: French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch and English.

With more than 30 years' experience in the conception, design and organization of trips and events we create unforgettable travel experiences for a demanding clientele seeking the highest level of quality service.

From its beginnings, Bolshoi Tourism has worked exclusively in the B2B sector. Our partners are professionals that share our high standards and the desire to best serve the travellers that trust us. We are constantly looking for new and original ideas to help our clients set themselves apart from the competition. Our specialty is tailor-made trips to several off-the-beaten-track locations for groups and individuals.

Bolshoi Tourism has a permanent team of university-educated guides, modern transportation equipment, and an excellent working relationship with hotels.

The efficiency of our "Client Assistant" and "Personal Concierge" services will help you go even further to satisfy your clients and keep them coming back.

Specialist guides, VIP access to sights, unique dining experiences and private immersive excursions: welcome to our world of hyper-personalised, tailor-made tours.
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With our three multilinguals offices in
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we deploy our savoir-faire and creativity
to help travellers discover:
The rich cultural, artistic, and spiritual heritage of the countries served.
The unique lifestyles and cuisines of every visited region.
A large choice of options to personalize trips: from the classic to the unusual. Immersive activities and enriching encounters.
Find the trip that is best suited to your clients thanks to the large choice of themed trips available. Our offerings are sure to delight you. Help your clients discover Russia and the surrounding countries with their family, as a couple, or with friends as they delve deep into a unique topic or travel through multiple regions accompanied by our experienced guides.

Classic Discoveries
The "Welcome" and "First Impressions" trips are the perfect introduction to the major unmissable monuments, museums, and tourist attractions. This option is an excellent way to visit destination's essential sites in a short amount of time. Our guaranteed departure tours are set apart by their size (small groups) and are meant for those that wish to personalize their trips, even in the context of an organized tour.

Art & Culture
The magic of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninov, the celebrated singers Netrebko, Abdrazakov and Aida Garifoullina, some of the world's best symphonies and, of course, the ballet stars from Moscow to Vladivostok that keep the Russian choreography tradition alive – Russia is still the most exciting destination on the international music scene. Discover excursions and themed outings, encounters with experts, and art restoration discovery workshops for art-lovers.

Religious and Heritage Tourism
Religious tourism is one of the themes that we are delighted to offer. The main religions found throughout Russia are Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. The topics of our circuits are discovering a religion (its history, its practices and customs, its architecture, etc.), deepen one's knowledge about a specific religion, spiritual retreats, and heritage tourism. The last of which is popular with Jewish and Christian travellers who wish to discover sites of remembrance that have played an important role in the history of their religions.

Railway Tourism
The role of the railroads in a country as large as Russia is paramount. Set out to conquer the great Russian north as you travel from Saint Petersburg to Murmansk, explore the far-away regions of central Asia or take the legendary Trans-Siberian line, one of the world's most celebrated routes. Bolshoi Tourism offers a large choice of trips on Premium and Luxury trains, Authentic next-generation trains, or even the luxury of travelling in one's own private sleeping Executive car.

River Tourism: Floating Through Time…
The entire history of Russia can be found in the flow of its majestic rivers such as the Moscova in Moscow, the Volga in Uglitch, and the Neva in Saint Petersburg. Follow the river between Moscow and Saint Petersburg aboard a 4*, 5* or boutique boat and discover architectural sites, monasteries, rolling hills and infinite plains. Sail along the Yenisei River through the most spectacular landscapes of Siberia, crossing the Arctic Circle, aboard a luxurious cruise called "Trans-Siberian river" and take the unique opportunity to visit the most remote places in Siberia, practically hidden, where you can only reach by boat.

and Gourmet Tourism

Cuisine is an integral part of the cultural and historical legacy of every region. In the last few years, our clients have become more and more interested in culinary experiences. That's why we offer a range of options for foodies and activities to help them discover local culinary traditions. Meet producers, visit markets, eat your way through culinary itineraries, enjoy gourmet festivals, take a cooking class, do a gourmet team building exercise, compete in a culinary contest or simply discover local traditions, taste regional specialities, and fill your suitcases with unique and delicious products.

Luxury and Special Trips
The concept of 'luxury' can vary according to a person or situation, making it difficult to provide a universal definition. Some will be happy in a Michelin-starred restaurant, others will prefer cooking over a campfire, on the beach. Travelers demand choice to "tune" the experience to their own personal version of luxury and our customised made-to-measure experiences is becoming more and more popular. Our goals are: Comfortable, Beautiful, Memorable, Peaceful, Exclusive, Personalized and…. without any stress. Coco Chanel used to say, « Luxury is not the opposite of poverty but that of vulgarity».

Romantic Trips
Russians have a natural and irresistible penchant for the romantic. Saint Petersburg, known as the Venice of the North, is a must-visit for this reason. Its many cafes, restaurants, palaces, museums, and theatres arouse the passions of every visitor. Moscow is rich with the legacy of its famous writers and singular architecture. It is also a dream destination for a memorable trip for two. Stroll down its streets and soak up their unique atmosphere, admire the iconic treasures of Red Square and the Bolshoi Theatre, visit the city's famous art galleries, or enjoy a ballet at the Bolshoi. The Russian capital has everything it takes to set a couple's passions on fire.

The most in-demand wedding present is now the honeymoon trip. Young couples prefer a special and original adventure over the traditional week spent on the beaching lazing about. Think of the northern lights in Lapland, dogsledding in the great Russian north, or discovering old Baltic cities behind the wheel of a rental car. Not everybody wants to hang out under the coconut trees, an out-of-the-ordinary trip is a lot more fun!

Stay in a luxury hotel in Saint Petersburg or cross the Mongolian steppes on horseback. Backpack around Lake Baikal or journey in your own private Tran-Siberian Railroad car. There are no limits to the options that our honeymoon trips provide. Bolshoi Tourism organizes the most exciting and trendy honeymoon trips imaginable for your clients!

Winter Wonderland
Russia puts on its winter finery as the first snowflakes fall. The snowy canals of Saint Petersburg, outings on a horse-drawn sleigh in the Golden Ring, the breathtaking landscapes of Siberia and Russian Lapland far from modern civilization… whether you want to admire the landscape, feel a sense of freedom and peace, or enjoy a range of outdoor activities like snowshoeing, dogsledding, cross-country skiing or even driving a reindeer carriage, the time between December and March offers something for every taste. And, of course, we end the day by warming up in a Russian sauna, the banya, and enjoying a delicious vodka.

or Skip-Gen Vacations

Among the types of travel that are becoming more and more frequent in Russia, it is the multigenerational travel – holidays where three or more generations of a family travel together – and the so-called "skip-gen travel," when grandparents travel alone with the grandkids leaving mom and dad behind (and what are the best trips for both generations to enjoy). We offer "discovery" itineraries and original activities that are designed for all families and led by experienced bilingual guides. Experience special memories that will stay etched in the minds of every member of the family.

Russia With Friends
Vacationing with friends is a unique concept. The organization can be scrupulously planned or designed to leave lots of room for spontaneity. In either case, the fun of exploring and partying with friends is guaranteed since every group has its own special dynamic and vibe. Our friends enrich our lives, share our sense of humour, encourage our curiosity and are the perfect companions with which to discover Russia, a destination that is full of surprises.

Nature and Wide Open Spaces
Russia is huge. Nature and adventure off the beaten track lie far from the day-to-day world. Drive a dogsled along the shores of Lake Baikal, ride horses alongside the Amur River, discover the lakes and forests of Karelia, experience the steppes and the taiga. Inspiration is never in short supply when it comes to ideas for nature-themed trips in the great outdoors.

Over the Rainbow
Gay friendly Russia? You might think it's a joke or a provocation, but it's not. Come on a trip beyond stereotypes to uncover the secrets and admire the richness of a country that has been historically close to Europe. Treat yourself to a city break with plenty of cultural diversity and open minds as you discover an authentic and unexpected side of Russia: nightlife, themed visits, and plenty of fun "like a local".

We offer a selection of add-ons for all our destinations that cater to your clients' wishes and help them enrich a "classic" trip. Imagine interactive tours, culinary experiences, exciting cultural discoveries, and themed encounters. We also offer off the beaten path outings in the least touristic areas of the country featuring unusual activities. These trips are always accompanied by an experienced bilingual guide.
Explore the area behind the wheel of a rental car. Different packages with bilingual assistance, lodging and excursions included. Bike, moto, and Boat Tours. Unusual transport.
Culinary and wine experiences, food tasting tours and food safaris, themed tours, private excursions for gourmets and foodies, tastings, cooking classes and workshops, culinary team building activities, culinary competitions and encounters with experts in the field.
Authentic experiences: banya saunas, markets, ice skating, secret bars and clubs, barbecues, nights in dachas, encounters with families from the intelligentsia, spiritual retreats in monasteries, immersion in nomadic life, shamanism, and much more.
Atypical tours: outings on the rooftops, underground excursions, astronomical experiences, exclusive behind tours backstage and behind closed doors in sites closed to the public, outings to "locals-only" sites, "Bridge watching", Harley-Davidson or retro car rides, and much more.
Unusual museums, innovative excursions, unknown sites, hidden treasures, and places off the beaten path: where Russia gets weird!
Cool winter activities: dogsled outings, drive a reindeer sleigh, under-ice scuba diving, cross-country skiing, night-time snowmobile rides, a night in a glass igloo, a traditional chalet, or a historic castle, chasing the Northern Lights, ice skating on frozen Lake Baikal in the heart of pristine nature.
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To meet and exceed customer expectations.
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Russia: an enigmatic world
The world's largest nation has captured the imagination of generations of travellers. Russia is fascinating, enigmatic, majestic – a mix of cultural riches and complicated history that is intimidating but undeniably alluring. It is a country that thrives on – or in spite of – fierce contrasts. Russia is a riddle begging to be solved, and though you may never arrive at an answer, the journey is a rewarding adventure. A place so unique has plenty of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to offer visitors who want to explore off the beaten path. Our tailor-made private tours are designed to maximize your client's experience in our country.

Two world-renowned rival capitals:
Saint Petersburg and Moscow

Founded by Peter the Great in 1703 as a "window on Europe", Saint Petersburg is a classical and refined place where ribbons of palaces unfurl along a triple belt of canals. The city is so beautiful and incredibly luxurious that your mind will spin as you wander along its granite quays and bridges guarded by gilded lions and bronze griffons.

In contrast to Saint Petersburg, which exemplifies a single style and era, Moscow takes the visitor by surprise with the diversity of its urban landscape and the vast range of influences on the city. This enormous capital with more than 12 million residents is home to exceptional historic and touristic sites like the famous Red Square, the Kremlin, the Bolshoi Theatre, Saint Basil's Basilica and many more.

Golden Ring
The region to Moscow's northeast is full of surprises, notably the Golden Ring and its princely cities, which UNESCO has named as World Heritage Sites. A trip through this area allows visitors to go back through Russian history step by step and see the sublime tableau of an infinitely fascinating half-European, half-Asian country play out before them.
The Russian North
These jewels have shined on the Russian landscape for centuries: Novgorod the Grand, Pskov, Kazan and the Volga region, the Solovki Islands, Kiji and 29 other sites listed by UNESCO. We offer a wide variety of "à la carte" itineraries, to discover an authentic Russia, off the main tourist routes and to visit emblematic or mythical places of Northern Russia.
Siberia is a word that evokes grandeur, extreme cold and exile. For those who dare make the trip, it offers wild and incredibly diverse nature. With more than 12.5 million square kilometres and seven time zones, it has more than a million lakes, including Lake Baikal. This body of water is the largest store of fresh water on earth. It is the size of Belgium and fed by more than 500 rivers and streams, including famous names like the Selenga and the Barguzin.

Siberia boasts an incredibly rich natural setting, and its surrounding areas are home to a myriad of peoples. In addition to Russians, more than a dozen ethnicities live here in "Sibir", which means "sleeping land" in Mongolian. It stretches from the foothills of the Urals to the Pacific while skirting the shores of the Arctic Ocean and the steppes of Kazakhstan and Mongolia.
The Russian Pacific Coast
At the eastern edge of Russia lie the regions of Primorye, Kamchatka and Vladivostok, which feel like they are at the end of the earth. Located at the very extreme edge of the Eurasian continent on the shores of the Pacific, the Russian Far East takes up a full third of Siberia. It is an interesting region of alternating mountains and plains that look like a chessboard of round peaks and taiga lowlands. This is the last frontier of the world's largest country. It is a wild land dominated by a powerful forest where in olden times only exiles, convicts, trappers, and peasants ventured. Ships rarely pass through these waters that are just a few leagues from North Korea and Japan.
If you are dreaming of wide open and pure white spaces, then Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian Lapland is the perfect place to get away. Come find a magical, snowy world with a host of winter activities to enjoy dogsledding, reindeer sleighs, snowmobile safaris and, of course, Northern Lights excursions are all on offer!
The Baltic States
Like three sisters born from the Baltic Sea, Estonia, Lithuania, and Latvia are home to a series of fortresses, cathedrals and stately homes strung along the natural coastline like a necklace. Their strong Baltic culture influences a new European identity that is marked by little peculiarities and a unique aristocratic charm. In the space of barely a thousand kilometres, three capitals and three countries make for a route that marries discovery and culture with the glories of a pristine and evocative landscape.
Nordic Countries
There is nowhere else in the world like Scandinavia. The region is home to numerous islands, lakes, and fjords. It is comprised of five countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, and Finland. Even though they have many things in common, each country has its own special personality. A trip through the Nordic countries lets visitors discover a singular cuisine, impressive and often untouched landscapes, and many important museums. This is the place to fully enjoy nature, culture, design, and plenty more to keep you busy.
Eastern Europe
For a long time, Eastern Europe was something of the continent's "terra incognita". Things have changed tremendously as the number of sites and regions to visit has attracted the world's attention. The golden domes of Kiev, the beaches of Odessa, the mysteries of Belarus, the culinary traditions of Moldova, and the castles of Poland stand beside unusual places like Chernobyl, Pripyat and even the mysterious Transnistria, the "country that doesn't exist" … We offer a large selection of trips and immersion experiences in Eastern Europe. We are certain that you go to some places that you've never even heard of.
The Caucasus: from mountains to historic capitals
Nestled between Europe and Asia; Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are countries of such fascinating beauty that early humans chose them as the setting of powerful legends like those of Noah, Jason and Prometheus. Nature here is resolute in its eternal power, the monuments are millennia-old, and people regularly live for over a hundred years.

Our itineraries are carefully constructed to help you discover the history, the fascinating culture, and the excellent cuisine of the region. Baku, the "Little Dubai" on the Caspian Sea; Tbilisi, Georgia's magnificent and enigmatic capital and, finally, Erevan, Armenia's capital, the starting off point for a diaspora that has spread across the world.

The Silk Road
The caravan cities of the Silk Road were the meeting points where medieval religions encountered one another. Today, their countless legends continue to fascinate us. Their remote desert caravanserais are full of stories from a rich history. Two thousand years ago, merchants stopped in the cities of old Bactria as they made their way across burning deserts and arid steppes. Places like Samarkand, Bukhara, Mary and Tashkent were very prosperous. The softness and warm colours of the textiles fascinated the Romans, who paid a fortune for them. But towards the 12th century, Venetians mastered silk making techniques and the trade dried up. Even though the caravans have long since parted, visitors can still today come and learn the secrets and wonders of this fabulous and legendary route.
Mongolia. Plunge into Nomadic Life
On the world's doorstep between China and Russia, Mongolia remains a misunderstood place where time is measured by the horse's gallop and distance by the falcon's range. This is a kingdom of endless and wild steppes that ripple with the wind. You will encounter warm people in these Turco-Mongolian lands where the residents are proud of their Buddhist heritage and status as the descendants of Genghis Khan. The local talent for generosity and oneness with the surrounding nature is the only thing that can guarantee survival in these often harsh and unforgiving landscapes. Leave the world behind for a few weeks and revel in an isolated society that will nourish you with its untouched environment. Going to Mongolia is a bit like putting the world on hold and experiencing one of the last true adventures of the 21st century.
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