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The Silk Road
The history of the Silk Road dates back more than two thousand years. Merchants used to cross the sparkling solitude of deserts and arid steppes, stopping over in the cities of the ancient Bactria. Samarkand, Bukhara, Mary, Tashkent were then very prosperous. The Romans, fascinated by the softness of tissues and their bright colors, bought silk at the price of gold. By the 7th century, in Venice the technique was not only acquired  but mastered to perfection, they dominated the market, and the Silk Road was definitely abandoned. Open to all sides of the world, located between China, India, Persia and Europe, Central Asia remains a terra incognita, a land that is measured by the pace of horse, a leap of falcon, a kingdom of free and endless steppes whirling in the wind. Start the journet, in full safetu and comfort, to enjoy an original way of discovering this unique region on board a Deluxe train. We suggest two formulae of the tour: a shorter one, including Uzbekistan only, and longer ones including Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan or Iran.